Methods to Import PST Files into Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook is available with it’s MS Office Suite subscription. Today, users can buy an Microsoft 365 cloud subscription with different plans and pay in accordance with. It is also possible to purchase Outlook for a separate purchase and use it. If your subscription has expired and you are not able to upgrade it, you’ll need to transfer your account to a new platform.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client which you can install and utilize to manage your emails. Like Outlook it is possible to integrate your business account into Thunderbird and connect to your email client. Thunderbird is a product developed by Mozilla Community. Mozilla Community that designed it specifically for use with the Linux Operating System originally. Then, it was released to the macOS as well as Windows platforms too. Since its release, Mozilla has consistently upgraded it and provided it with an environment that is stable for function.

Benefits of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • There is a tabbed email browsing, where you can open several tabs and load emails within them. It is possible to open tabs to view the relevant emails.
  • The quick filter toolbar makes searching for email content quite faster. When you begin typing on the toolbar, the results will be visible immediately. There are a variety of parameters available in the toolbar that make it easy to use.
  • You can archive the message from your inbox into a separate archive folder and then use it in the future. There’s the “A” alternative to store the email into an archive folder.
  • Thunderbird lets users establish accounts using any email server like IMAP, POP, and SMTP.
  • Several add-ons facilitate multiple tasks during email communication.
  • Security features comprise anti-malware and Firewall as well as Spam filters.
  • It is possible to add addresses using a single click. book that allows the user can include email addresses with just one click.
  • An attachment reminder feature which informs the user to include an attachment to the body of the message.
  • For sending large-sized emails that include attachments, use the cloud space of pCloud.
  • The user interface and design are very flexible, yet efficient.
  • The update system in Thunderbird ensures that you’re running the most current version of the program. It informs you when an upgrade or security update is released.

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How do I transfer PST files into Mozilla Thunderbird?

Even after Outlook is no longer functioning and you’re not using it anymore the data file PST remains in its default location. You can open it and transfer it to the Thunderbird account.

  1. Then first, download first the Thunderbird app from its site URL:
  2. Install the program by pressing on the free download button.
  3. Choose options, then Tools.
  4. Click Import to import.
  5. The Import wizard imports the Address Books and Emails Feed Subscriptions settings, as well as Filters. You can opt to import all items or the items that are specifically designated. After that, click Next.
  6. Choose Outlook to select the file type you wish to import. Click Next.
  7. All emails have been successfully imported. When you are finished, click Finish.

The manual process is not without its limitations for importing PST files

  • If you have IMAP-based accounts, IMAP should be set to permit Outlook for export to the PST file.
  • When a users export PST file, there are filters available to apply to the data. When the PST file has filtering data, only that data can be imported.
  • A single Account’s PST data can be imported in one cycle.
  • An abrupt interruption in the process of import can cause damage to both PST as well as the destination Thunderbird account.


If you’re using Outlook for business purposes and would like to use Thunderbird to use that same email address, you shouldn’t rely on any manual procedure.

Manual processes have several limitations. It could also cause data corruption in the event that the process stops at any point. The format for files used by Thunderbird is MBOX So you need to make use of a professional converter software in order to Convert PST to MBOX format. After that, you can import your MBOX data file into Thunderbird and make use of it effortlessly. It is easy to manage the contents as well as filter them and name them as you wish. Then, a process report will provide the status of every transformed item.

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