What Touring Gear Is Most Important?

When planning to go for a long-distance motorbike ride, packing seems to be a challenging task. Nevertheless, it is crucial to get your list of bike touring gear right. A smooth ride comes down to having the right gears, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Read on to get detailed information on bike riding gears until the end.

What Is a Touring Gear?

Touring gears mainly consist of a pair of gloves, helmet, jacket, pants, thigh bag for bikers, and boots. All these are essential biking equipment that protects you from unfortunate accidental injury. It ensures to keep you safe from the harsh impact of the accidents. But riding gears are specially designed and are not similar to the regular pants or jackets you wear. 

These motorcycle accessories like knuckle protectors, knee and elbow guards, and back protectors reduce an accident’s impact. This way, you will experience minimal injuries should you meet an accident. 

Choose the Best Riding Gear for Your Motorcycle 

The two-wheeler market has now come up with innovative features and technology for the safety of the riders. Two-wheeler transportation is among the most important transport modes; thus, the rider’s safety is paramount. It is mainly due to the road conditions. The protective gear and rider’s behaviour ensure the rider’s comfort and safety. 

The list of motorbike riding gears is perhaps a long one. You have so many options to choose from in the market. However, your requirement should be specific. A rider’s behaviour, riding distance, and budget are important factors in choosing gear. Here is a list of the best touring gear for your motorbike ride. 


This is the basic protective riding gear that protects your head. The most important part of the body is your head. Head injuries are mostly fatal during an accident, but wearing a helmet can save you from such situations. According to traffic laws, wearing a bike helmet is mandatory. Not wearing one can be a punishable offense. 

Therefore, you must buy a high-quality helmet that can give you high protection. There are three main types of helmets available in the market such as:

  • Full-Face Helmets
  • Flip-up Helmets
  • 3/4 Face Helmets
  • 1/2 Face Helmets

When purchasing a helmet, ensure that it fits you well. If the helmet wobbles when you move your head, perhaps it is too big for your head. On the contrary, wearing a tight helmet can make you feel suffocated during long rides. A nice fitting helmet also minimises noise penetration enabling the rider to focus on the road. 

Riding Gloves

Your wrists and fingers are also fragile parts of your body. It needs a good amount of protection; thus, you must ride gloves to serve the purpose. Always purchase high-quality gloves that are durable and last long. It also comes with strong protective layers. You can wear them throughout the year. 

Purchase the ones that are lightweight and scratch-resistant. Good quality riding gloves are also sweat-proof, keeping your hands dry. It can also keep your hands warm during the winter. These riding gloves enable free movement of your hand and fingers, allowing you to control your bike effectively. 

Make sure the straps allow you to fit the gloves snugly on your hands. Comfort is also a huge factor you must consider when purchasing a riding glove. Check the seams inside the glove, which should not irritate your fingers. It may distract you when riding your bike at high speed and can be extremely dangerous.  


Jackets are another must-have touring gear for a bike rider. High-end jackets protect you from harsh weather conditions. It also acts as protective armour for your back, shoulders, and elbows. They are available in durable materials like mesh, leather, and fabric. They are also waterproof, which means they’ll protect you even when you ride through the rains. 

Always choose the material according to your requirement or usage. Mesh jackets are breathable making them perfect for the summers, while leather ones can be great during winters. In addition, choosing the jacket of the right size is crucial and not an undersized or oversized one. 


When riding, wearing high-quality boots is important because a tumble might seriously harm your foot. Since they are typically ankle-height boots, expensive boots come expressly for riding to provide higher protection. Riding boots often come with Velcro fastening rather than laces and are available in leather material. A shifter pad, heel and toe protectors, and ankle protectors are also a part of the riding boots.


The majority of bikers often believe that riding trousers are unnecessary. However, riding attire is far more comfortable than conventional clothing, including jeans. In addition to that, riding trousers protect your knees, shins, and hips. You can combine it with your riding jacket and turn it into a riding outfit.

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