Tips To Improve Your Scores in the Reading Test of the IELTS Exam

Reading is considered a hobby by numerous students but at the same time, there are several such students who feel scared of reading. Did you use to worry about the reading part a lot during school days? Digging out answers from lengthy passages would scare many. Now whether you were able to conquer your reading fears in school then that’s a piece of great news. But if not then you will have to toil really hard because in the IELTS exam the reading section carries critical significance. Actually, a good number of students don’t possess reading habits, which is why they suffer so much. If you wish to excel in the IELTS exam, you need to give in your best efforts to achieve a good band score in reading.

IELTS exam includes four distinct modules- reading, speaking, listening, and writing. You got to train yourself very well for each section so that you manage to get a good band score overall. Faltering in any one section can cause your score to fall down drastically. Are you looking for a good coaching institute for IELTS preparations? If yes then consider enrolling in the Best IELTS  institute in Jalandhar and prepare yourself very well under the guidance of well-experienced experts. 

Now is the time to read the topmost tips to get a good band score in the reading section. 

Make it a habit to read

Making it a habit to do something every day is necessary if you want to succeed at it. As a result, if you are not accustomed to reading, it will be challenging for you to succeed. It can be perplexing to focus on the reading phase. Your mind will be always occupied. As a result, read frequently. Any reputable English daily, such as The Hindu or The Tribune, should be chosen and read carefully.  Most of these publications are available online. If you’d like, you may read these newspapers on your smartphone by downloading a pdf of them.

You’re not required to read just newspapers. You can acquire any trustworthy book or novel of your interest and read it thoroughly. You will initially find reading hard but with time you will actually start enjoying it.  Reading habits will make it a cakewalk for you to go through the passages of the IELTS exam and quickly dig out answers from them. 

Practice more 

If you desire to do well in anything then practice it unfailingly. Regular practice will enable you to write your success story easily. Lack of preparation will always make it tough for you to perform well in any exam, whether it’s the IELTS or another one. When you will do the practice reading every day then it will make you confident enough to do well in the final exam. . We suggest you dig out reading passages from previous papers and mock tests and then attempt them. It will help you understand the pattern of questions asked in the IELTS exam. 

You can check whether you are preparing in the right direction by attempting all such practice papers. There are multiple resources for the same on the web. . To be fully prepared, practice lots of mock tests. These mock tests are simple to find both online and offline. Set a goal to memorize at least four passages each day.  Daily practice will ensure you are well acquainted with the complete format of the reading section of the IELTS exam and it will help in ensuring that you manage to achieve an excellent band score in the reading section. 

Access  your weaknesses

An essential step after practising is to analyze your weak areas. In fact, the main purpose of such practice tests is to those areas where you are facing difficulty. Do you have trouble reading rapidly? Is your usage of grammar improper? Do you follow all the instructions precisely yet still make careless spelling errors? Now you will get the answers to these questions only after proper practice. After identifying the areas in which you are failing to do well, you got to devote all your time to perfecting those areas. Beating all such weaknesses is vital to getting a good band score. Make sure you have covered all those areas very well before appearing for the IELTS exam. Scrutinize the performance of all mock tests very well. 

Strengthen your vocabulary

You will need to dig out synonyms, antonyms, one-word replacements, etc. for the passage. If you possess a good vocabulary it will be easy to solve any question of this type.   But if your vocabulary is poor then you will find it difficult to do well in the reading section. Let us say you have to dig out the antonym of the word “ abundant”. Now if you are unaware of the meaning of the word abundant then you will fail to dig out the antonym of this word.  So possessing a poor vocabulary will make it very hard for you to find answers to such types of questions.   You will fail to achieve a good band score due to your poor vocabulary. You will need to make yourself aware of a variety of new words and strengthen your vocabulary very well to achieve your objective of getting an excellent band score. If you are finding it hard to work on a vocabulary then connect with the Best IELTS institute in Ludhiana and give a flying start to your preparations. 

Skim and scan

The reading passage contains too many details. Much of these are not relevant to the answers. . You may lose your focus and fail to answer all the questions on time. So to avoid such a situation you need to use this procedure of skimming and scanning.  By utilizing these techniques it will be very easy to scan through the lengthy passages.  Quickly have a look at all the questions and then proceed towards the passage

Skimming– Skimming the passage implies reading it at quite a fast pace without going much into the details of the passage. You need to understand the main idea of the passage. 

Scanning-  Scanning a passage means digging out the keywords associated with the answers and then working on them.

Wrapping it up 

You don’t need to worry about the reading section much. Just keep on practicing regularly and you will be able to ace the reading section quite easily. It can become the highest scoring section if you give in all your efforts and dedication. We hope the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you get an ideal band score in the reading section of the IELTS exam. 

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