5 Tips To Order Food On Train Journey Online

To maintain proper hygienic standards and train safety during the previous few months, the railway has removed numerous pantry cars from the train. In addition, the new Online Food on Train service is the modern method of dining on trains. This service is also the most popular with passengers. As people can now take advantage of cuisine options like samosa, noodles, dhokla, Punjabi foods, South Indian dishes, vegetarian food, and much more while traveling by train. Your travel is made more comfortable and delightful by the excellent, hot, and fresh food.

Because they only receive meals on their seats, passengers enjoy this service as well. Additionally, the meal is delectable and prepared to their preferences. Since all of the passenger’s food-related issues have been resolved through online food delivery. Along with tea and coffee, they can savor tasty appetizers. There are 5 tips for passengers who choose to order food online. 

Pre Order your food in case you forget things 

Especially during a long train trip, food is the most crucial component of the voyage. if you are not traveling on the same couch as your parents. Additionally, you can order food online for them in the past even though they don’t know how to do it. Your children and elderly parents will benefit greatly from this service.

You only need to enter the PNR number or train number; it is an easy operation. then the day and date of your trip. The restaurant and the boarding station for the delivery must then be chosen. The menu with the pricing will then appear, allowing you to choose the food of your choice. After that, you can choose between paying online or paying with cash on delivery on their form. The order will then be confirmed by sending a message to your phone number. This is all there is to choose the pre-order option.

order food in train through apps or websites

As is common knowledge, there are numerous applications and websites that offer in-train meal delivery. Websites like Zoopindia.com, the official IRCTC website, rail yatri, railmestro, TravelKhana, and gofoodiconline allow you to order food on train during your journey. These are all the top apps for receiving food quickly.

Let’s look at how to do an online order.

Internet users should visit the website.

Your PNR number and Train number must be entered on the subsequent page that appears.

Then, there will be numerous stations. The stations where you can get food are those. Choose anyone.

The next step is to choose the restaurant, after which you can choose your preferred dish from the menu.

A payment page will then display. Online or cash-on-delivery payments are accepted at the restaurant.

Then take a seat and wait for your food 

This is how you may quickly order your preferred food item on the train from a website.

Always make an order through train number, not by train name 

How to order meals on train baffled some people. They are unaware that they must place their orders using the train name or number. So, this is the answer for them. Both the train number and the train name can be used to order food online. You must enter your date of travel and one of the following, either the train number or the train name. Your information will be instantly retrieved by the website, which will then give you the option to select the station where you want your food delivered. There are numerous meal choices available for you to choose from the places listed.

You can use train names like Shatabdi express and Rajdhani express to find eateries, as well as train numbers like 12005, 12172, 12223, 12952, 22692, and other trains that total more than 7000. You’re right, you may order food on any of the 7,000+ trains.

If your net is not working then order through SMS and phone call

Due to a Network issue, you could occasionally have trouble ordering our products through a website or app if your internet isn’t functioning properly. Additionally, if you decide to order food online on train while riding the train, you can do so by calling or sending an SMS.

Simply dial the number to place an order over the phone. They will then help you. Your PNR number or train number must be given to them. After they have confirmed your PNR number, you can then give them the delivery location and food item.

This is how placing a phone order works.

Through SMS, all you need to do is key in your PNR number, the delivery location, and the meal item. After that, you will receive mail from them confirming your order. At that time, your food will be delivered to you.

With the aforementioned procedures, ordering food online is the greatest and safest alternative for getting a variety of mouthwatering foods, like French fries, Jain food, noodles, jalebi, dosa, idli, and many more. Receiving hot, fresh food by rail is most straightforward and quick.

All these tips can help you to order food easily through online services. And you can able to enjoy your favourite food on the train. 

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