5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022

Many satellite and cable television providers provide live streaming access to sports. Sling TV and fuboTV, which are both cord-cutting services, offer access to a lot of live sports, including college soccer.

It’s not easy to find websites that stream live sports without any copyright violations. We looked at a variety of websites offering free live streaming and chose our top picks. This is what you need to know in order to get free access to live sports streams.

1 stream of free sports from ESP

  • Watch Football, basketball and baseball.
  • Notes Very few streams on WatchESPN.com can be accessed completely for free. Many require a login from a qualified cable or satellite subscription, or a subscription of ESPN+.

ESPN is a major name in cable sports and the official WatchESPN site features tons of live streaming videos. On ESPN’s official website, you’ll find major sports like football, basketball and baseball.

ESPN.com doesn’t have every game from every sport. ESPN streams only games it has broadcast rights to. You will need your login credentials to WatchESPN.com for some premium games. Other premium games require an ESPN+ subscription that starts at $5.99 per Month.

WatchESPN.com offers a wide range of content that you can view without signing up or paying an additional subscription. This includes news, replays, and interviews.

2 – Watch Free Sports on Facebook Watch

  • You can watch the following sports: Cricket, soccer, women’s hockey, surfing and a variety of unofficial streams that cover virtually every sport.
  • Notes Facebook Watch only has a few official 6streams of sports, but users can stream live sports via the service.

Facebook Watch is Facebook’s attempt to get into the video streaming space. Facebook has the rights to stream several sports. Facebook users have the ability to stream live sports from all over the globe via the service.

Here are some ways to find live streams of sports on Facebook Watch.

Navigate to Facebook Watch to log in to Facebook.

3 – Reddit Live Sports Streams

  • Watch Many professional sports including football, soccer and basketball.
  • Notes Reddit does not host any sports streams. However, you will find subreddit communities that are dedicated to curating and finding links to live streams of every popular sport.

Reddit is a great place to find unofficial streams if you are unable to find live streaming from an official source. Reddit allows users to create subreddits which allow them to dedicate areas to any sport they wish.

Reddit does not host live streams of sports, but users can link to streams found on other websites. Owners of streaming sites also post links to their streams in the appropriate subreddits. Here, users can upvote good streams and downvote bad ones.

Although it is possible to find dangerous streams on Reddit and other sites, it is safer than selecting random links from a search engine.

4 – Watch Live Sports at Stream2Watch

  • You can watch the following sports: Soccer, football, tennis, volleyball and baseball.
  • Notes This site contains intrusive popups.

Stream2Watch is a streaming site for live sports that aggregates streams from other websites. It offers live streaming of sports streams, including baseball, soccer and basketball. You’re sure to find a match or a game on this site.

Stream2Watch may have intrusive or misleading pop-up ads, as with many other sites that embed streams. Stream2Watch recommends using an ad blocking to keep you safe. You may still see ads overlay on certain videos. If you are sent to another webpage, it is best to close all ads and select Back immediately.

5 – Watch Live Sports on SportRAR.TV

  • You can watch the following sports: Hockey, tennis, basketball and baseball.
  • Notes This site contains intrusive popups.

SportRAR.TV, another streaming site for sports, gathers live streaming video from multiple sources and presents them in an easy to use interface. This site features all major sports, including baseball, football, basketball, hockey and tennis.

A new window opens when you click on a sport you wish to view on SportRAR.TV. Look for More links to this match if the game does not play. This link will take you to additional video sources if there are.

SportRAR.TV may contain intrusive popup ads that can appear even when you have an ad blocking program.

SportRAR.TV may contain intrusive popup ads that can appear even when you have an ad blocking program.

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